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TypePriceAdditional Character
Full body60 USD55 USD
Knee-up50 USD40 USD
Half Body45 USD35 USD
Bust-up35 USD35 USD
Nude15-35 USD15-35 USD
Dakimakura160 USD-------
Background+10-50 USD-------

How to contact and payment methods:

  • You can contact me via e-mail or any social media that im active.

  • Paypal payment via Arty Invoice -INVOICE-

  • You can request me here ARTISTSNCLIENTS


  • Small piece of Underwear or swimsuit only are consider as nude.

  • Various versions and commercial use have an additional price.

  • Detailed background is possible depends on details.

  • Large area effects/elements, additional objects that does not belong to character are consider as additional background.

Payment and Terms of Conditions

  • Paypal payment via arty Invoice

  • Full payment only.

  • Pay upfront or after agreeing the pose sketch.

  • No refunds.

  • One art piece per slot commission.

  • Client must agree or willing to wait if there's a queue ongoing.

  • Estimated Duration 15 to 20 days or early. Depends on the details.

  • Won't accept adding or changing details when the commission starts.

  • WIP updates will be watermark until the payment is receive.

  • I have the right to decline a commission if the details is within my capabilities.

Rights and Usage


  • I retain original copyright and ownership of the Work, which includes but may not be limited to redistributing, reproducing, advertising, displaying the work in my websites, social media and portfolios according to my discretion.

  • I'm allowed to used or recreate the pose sketch i made.


  • The client also has right ownership of the artwork, however the client cannot declare or claim the artwork made by himself/herself.

  • The client cannot use the artwork for reproduce, profit and commercial use unless its discussed beforehand or without artist consent.

  • Any works made by me are NOT AUTHORIZED to use in any technology related to AI train/generator and NFTs.


  • Provide separate reference like for pose, clothes and etc.

  • Using outfit from artist's original artwork, consent from the owner is needed.

  • Underaged characters drawn nude or Suggestive are strongly not accepted.


  • Revision strictly on sketch process only (once its in coloring process changing the drawing will be hard).

  • Only minor changes are allowed when its on coloring process, such as changing colors or little correction.


  • NSFW content intended to be Suggestive, nudity or displaying private parts.

  • Pornographic, Sex, violent, extreme fetish, suicide, gore and rape are not allowed.

---- Things I don't accept ----

  • Pure background such as outdoors or scenery, Big fantasy background or cityscape.

  • Underage Nsfw

  • Mecha

  • Transgen or futanari

  • male nsfw

  • Yaoi

  • Extreme fetishes or violent scene.

  • involves human deforming or transforming

  • s*x scene or pornographic

---- I strongly rejected ----

  • Drawing or portrait of family members, lovers or pets

  • Editing or repainting an image or original artwork.

  • Fanarts with an ideas or expressions that are offensive for the fans, owners, or related parties, or that will significantly damage the image the character are strongly rejected.

  • Asking for other payment method or direct paypal to paypal payment.