Welcome to my personal commission info!
Mainly focus illustrating characters such as OC or fanart || SFW or NSFW

How to request commission

  • Preferred using email, commission me directly to my __ARTISTREE__

  • You can message me to any of user accounts and do the transaction.

  • Payment with Paypal

  • Invoice: Arty (SAMPLE)

Open Commissions

Update: Offer fix price. For more info feel free to inquire


  • 1 art piece per commission slot.

  • 15 days or early for 1 commission to finish.

  • Specify what kind of commission you're going to request.

  • Client must agree or be willing to wait if there's a queue ongoing.

  • Estimated prices depends client's demands such as character's details, pose, additional character and background.

  • Full payment only. pay upfront or after the pose sketch is done.

  • Read my ToS, policies & FAQ.

Full body/knee-up
Starts 65-85 USD
  • Additional Character price starts 60+ USD

  • Price may vary on details

  • Knee-up is recommended depends on the demand pose/action, angle and focus for the character

NSFW starts 60+ USD
Full nudity fix 60 USD, price change depends on amount of clothes, pose and details. for more info pls read the NSFW policy
Background 10-50 USD
Large area effects/elements, additional objects like chair or objects that does not belong to character are consider a background
Half body | Bust up
Starts 50-75 USD|Starts 30-40 USD
  • Additional Character price starts 45+ USD

  • Price may vary on details

  • Specify if you want to draw it in full body

NSFW starts 50+ USD
Full nudity fix 50 USD, price change depends on amount of clothes, pose and details. for more info pls read the NSFW policy
Background 10-50 USD
large area effects/elements, additional objects like chair or objects that does not belong to character are consider a background
Starts 150 - 200 USD
  • Front and Back version

  • Price may vary on details

Terms Of Services

  • All Commissions are for personal use only

  • I, the artist, must agree with the details of the job request first

  • The client must agree or willing to wait if there's a queue ongoing.

  • Prices may vary based on details and demands

  • I reserved the right to refuse a commission for any reason.

  • Changing the characters is allowed if the commission haven't started yet (reminder estimated price may also change depends on the changes)

  • Won't accept adding or changing details when the commission starts.

  • Paypal payment will be done thought Arty by sending an invoice or Artistree by ordering directly from the site.

  • Accept full payment only.

  • Payment can be upfront or after the pose sketch. strictly ask when the pose sketch is approved.

  • Commission will be pause or stop if the client dint pay after 4 days when its been ask.

  • Commissions are non refundable.

  • Copyrights belong to the artist and client only.

  • I the artist retain certain rights to display and promote my all commission artwork I made.

  • Client cannot edit, altering, reproduce and profit using the artwork.

  • Client cannot declare the artwork made by himself/herself.

  • client cannot use the artwork for commercial use unless its discussed beforehand.

  • Any works made by me are NOT authorized for use in any blockchain-related technology including NFTs and any form of cryptocurrency.


  • ---- Pricing ----

  • Prices will be estimated depends characters details, additional character and background.

  • NSFW price will be estimated depending on the amount of clothes, details and pose or action.

  • Price for additional character only applies if the characters are draw in the same art piece.

  • New estimated prices for every art piece.

  • Alter versions have an additional costs .

  • Detailed background price will be different.

  • Reminder to there will be additional 5$ beside the estimated price due to transaction fees.

  • ---- References ----

  • Pose and outfit references will be review if its safe to use or not.

  • Reference of pose and outfit in one image is not accepted, will be ask for other image or more than one references if needed.

  • Using known character's outfit is OK. however it only label as crossover or fanart for personal use only.

  • Using outfit from other OC's or artist design artwork, consent from the owner is needed.

  • Reminder: Giving references does not mean that it will be exactly draw like the references.

  • ---- Revision ----

  • Revision strictly on sketch process only (once its in coloring process changing the drawing will be hard).

  • Only minor changes are allowed when it on coloring (such as changing colors or little correction).

  • ---- NSFW ----

  • NSFW as content intended to be overtly erotic, nudity or displaying private parts only.

  • Pornographic, Sx , violent, extreme fetish, suicide, gore and rpe are not allowed.

  • Underaged characters drawn suggestively or sexually are strongly not accepted.

  • Characters with petite body will strictly review.


  • ---- Things I don't accept ----

  • pure background such as outdoors or scenery, Big fantasy background or cityscape.

  • Loli/shota drawn with suggestively or sexually

  • Mecha

  • transgen or futanari

  • male nsfw

  • Yaoi

  • groups of more than 3 characters in one canvas

  • extreme fetishes or violent scene

  • involves human deforming or transforming

  • s*x scene or pornographic.

  • ---- I strongly rejected ----

  • Demand to copy other people's/artist's style

  • tracing of other’s / original artworks or references

  • Editing or repainting an image or original artwork

  • Fanarts with an ideas or expressions that are offensive for the fans, owners, or related parties, or that will significantly damage the image the character are strongly rejected

  • Asking for other payment method

Commissioning me means agreeing to these terms of service. Client will be held responsible for failure to read the terms of service.